At Speedon, we have started with a mission to empower India digitally by increasing internet connectivity and making it reachable to a million people. We have focused on B2B marketing that is based on the logic of proper networking solution. We believe that high speed broadband internet connection should have to be available all over India. According to residential purpose, we offer high speed broadband service and for commercial purpose, we provide lease line internet service.

Our office is located at Pune and Goa but we serve for the customers across whole India. We are committed to connect the users digitally to internet as we are aimed to place India at the top position for internet adoption among other countries.

  • We develop one stop portal in an extensive way by connecting to ISP's in your area.
  • We believe in fast implementation to avail internet in the quickest possible time.
  • We offer data visualization and insights with customer data to the ISP's with advantages of better pricing and effective network planning.
  • While we are marketing to a consumer then we usually focus on their benefits. A consumer's decision is comparatively more emotional and we at speedon work with both private and public ISP's extensively to enhance the reach of broadband internet connection in whole India.

We have shown our capability to create the best broadband solution quite easily to bring full customer satisfaction. Today our lifestyle is shaped by web and there are multiple numbers of prospective users in India who need fast internet connection with proper technology advancement and the implications.

  • We bring transparency in customer research and data.
  • We aggregate IP verified customer ratings and reviews.
  • We foster competition through creating more awareness of local ISP's.
  • We are dedicated to focus on the customer requirement to solve.

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